The Gunner Crew –
Safe Style & Quality


As a biker you feel passion for pure riding and represent a good taste on and beside your motorcycle. Having a link to the elements and feeling freedom are requirements for you to enjoy a good ride.

One thing is for sure – without safety, no ride.

Therefore products by The Gunner Crew combine modern style, outstanding wearability, high workmanship and a important safety aspect: abrasion protection.

Our shirts and hoodies are designed and manufactured in southwest Germany. Thus we have direct control in all the production processes and ensure, that motorcycle clothing by The Gunner Crew meets the high expectations and needs of motorcycle enthusiasts.

MADE IN southwest Germany


Motorcycle clothing has to be hard-lined in its quality. The processing of para-aramid is due to its nature a particular challenge. For proved wearing comfort the cutting and processing must be very accurate. With focus on quality in our products we consciously decide against a production abroad.
Our shirts and hoodies are designed and manufactured in southwest Germany. We control every single production process and know each of our partners and suppliers personally. We ensure, that the motorcycle clothing made by The Gunner Crew meets the high standards and expectations of ambitious bikers. We made a clear choice to produce in small series – completely in line with a manufactory. This is the approach and the philosophy of our motorcycle clothing collection.

Para-aramid is highly heat-resistant, withstands extreme temperatures without melting and is very resistant to abrasion. Well-known brands which offer para-aramid are for example Kevlar® and Twaron®.

During warm summer days even safety fanatics do not want to sweat under their heavy leather jackets. Only a sweater or shirt does not protect you in the case of an accident – even if it looks casual. By using para-aramid we can forego heavy protectors and focus on comfortable and casual design. That is why our products meet highest safety levels. The inside lining of our shirts and hoodies is made of a special, high abrasion-resistant Cordura® and para-aramid fiber construction which is wind proofed and water-repellent.